Kansas State Wildcats Have Important Recruiting Weekend

By Joseph Nardone
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any decent basketball program. Unlike their professional counterparts, colleges only have a maximum of four years to benefit from some free labor. Heck, if they are very good at the thing they are being recruited for, they might end up leaving sooner than the university had hoped. In turn, since a school only has so much time with each student-athlete they need to replenish their programs in each offseason.

One of the ways schools go about trying to lure kids to their programs is by having them visit campus. They hope all the lovely ladies walking around, academic departments and athletic facilities will be enough for the athlete to the point where he does not want to go home, but rather stay until the season starts.

For the Kansas State Wildcats, this weekend has two top-prospects set to visit and is certain to be a weekend in which Bruce Weber hopes he can start rebuilding his team.

Justin Edwards and Tanner Lancona are the two recruits slated for a visit. Both of them are relatively, highly-regarded prospects. For Weber, however, it is two recruits that must feel like he must land after losing some players to eligibility and one to the transfer of the century.

The prospects have a slew of other schools chasing down their letters of intent. If K-State has anything so say about it, the two of them will never end up leaving campus by the time the weekend is over.

Scary movie premise? Maybe, but Weber needs to start pulling out all the stops.


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