Is North Carolina Tar Heels Front Runners for Andrew Wiggins?

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I am starting to think that Andrew Wiggins is waiting for Bill Murray to come to his house to help him make a decision where to take his talents for the upcoming season. Wiggins, who is widely considered the best high school prospect since sliced bread was invented, has more rumors surrounding his next possible destination than Lindsey Lohan has varieties of booze in her home.

Whether Wiggins is that unsure of his decision or if he is milking the attention is unknown. Regardless, whichever team does end up landing him won’t end up minding the wait it took to get his commitment. Still, one has to wonder what Wiggins is thinking at the moment.

Wiggins’ list is reportedly down to four teams. The Kentucky WildcatsNorth Carolina Tar HeelsKansas Jayhawks and Florida State Seminoles are the programs left in the running.

“Experts” are starting to believe that Kentucky is a long-distance shot at this point because of the millions of other highly-recruited freshmen ready to join the program. The thought is, Wiggins — who seems to enjoy the limelight — may not want to have to share the spotlight with others. While it may be unfair, the Wildcats do seem to be the long shot.

Florida State is primarily in the discussion because of Wiggins’ parents. His mother and father are FSU alum and that seems to be the only tangible reason he would take his talents to the program. Well, that and the awesome weather the state of Florida provides.

Kansas would certainly be a great fit for him as well. The Jayhawks are losing a slew of players to the NBA and graduation. It is not like Kansas would be rebuilding either — as every team they trot out seems destined for a deep run in the big dance.

Finally, there is North Carolina. A slew of guys are coming back that otherwise would have been playing pro ball next season. It really comes down to if Wiggins feels like he can help put the Tar Heels over the hump or if he would prefer to shine on a team alone. While it seems he would be the immediate “star” for UNC, he would not be the only big name on the roster.

If — only if — I were a betting man who had to place odds on this whole race I’d cry. Wiggins has not really done the public ranting which would possibly point us in the possible direction he may go. However, avoiding all real math at all costs, if we were to break it down just using odds I think it is safe to have Kentucky in last, with the other three teams really vying for his talents.

Still, don’t count out his parents influencing his decision to go to FSU, don’t discard the allure of playing for historical programs like North Carolina or Kansas and please — for the love of Sam Cassell — don’t count out the awesomeness that is John Calipari.


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