Kansas Jayhawks Jeff Withey Was Smart For Returning For Senior Year

By Trevor Lowry
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks lost a couple of really good players last season, but one player that decided to return for his senior year was Jeff Withey. Looking back, Withey made a really smart decision by returning.

Although Withey is still not the most talented center when it comes to putting the ball into the hoop, he still showed signs of improvement in his final year. Last season, Withey averaged nine points per game, while this season, he put up 13.7 points per game. He also got more playing time, so with more playing time will usually come more points.

However, Withey did increase his field goal percentage by quite a bit, which shows he can be effective at the next level. With around three more shots attempted per game, Withey went from a 53.6 percent field goal shooter to a 58.2 percent field goal shooter, which is a pretty significant increase.

Withey already proved himself in being a great defensive player, but his 8.5 rebounds per game and 3.9 blocks per game were still very good on the year.

Draft stock aside, Withey needed another year to develop his game as much as he could and that is exactly what he did. He is clearly not the most lethal scorer in the draft, but he is a very good big man to pick up because of his defensive abilities alone.

It is amazing how much his production has increased the past two years, as compared to his first two seasons with Kansas where he pretty much rode the bench. Whether the case, Withey seems to be more prepared for the NBA now, which made it a smart decision on his part to return to the Jayhawks for his senior year.


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