San Diego State Aztecs Have Two Players In 2013 NBA Draft That Could Get Drafted

By Trevor Lowry
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is certain, but the San Diego State Aztecs have two players entering the 2013 NBA Draft, who both have a chance to get drafted.

Those two players are none other than Jamaal Franklin and Chase Tapley. Franklin has the chance to be a lottery pick and Tapley could be a steal late in the second round. However, who actually knows when and if these two players will get called in the draft. With that said, Franklin should be a lock for the first round.

On the season, Franklin averaged 17 points per game, 9.5 rebounds per game and 3.3 assists per game. No big deal, considering that he led the team in all three of those statistics.  The 9.5 rebounds per game is amazing for a guy that is only 6’5”, not to mention, a guard. If Franklin can do this at the next level, he could easily be a starter for any team that picks him up. However, he does need to work on his shot. Only making 28 percent of your threes is not going to cut it for a shooting guard in the NBA.

Now onto Tapley. He was the second leading scorer on the team, averaging 13.5 points per game. Tapley was a much more effective shooter, draining 37.6 percent of his threes. Not to mention, he did make 70 threes on the year, which was surprisingly down from his 77 made threes just a season ago.

Although both of these players will be missed at San Diego State, it would be a great achievement for both of them to get drafted in the 2013 NBA Draft and both players have a shot to do so.


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