Southern Miss Had a Dunk-Machine Enrolled in School, But Not on Roster (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Collins was a Southern Miss Golden Eagles star on the football team. So much so, that the outside linebacker was drafted in the second round by the New England Patriots. Now, I don’t know if New England was aware of Collins’ exploits as a dual-sport superstar before, but if they saw this video then it might be safe to assume it is partially the reason as to why they drafted a kid from a smaller school.

So many strange and unneeded questions pop into my cranium after seeing such an athletic feat. Does Southern Miss have the greatest intramural basketball program put on by a university in the history of history? Who is the “dude Collins dunked on” in the video? Why has this not gotten more play when the draft was going on? Most importantly, why was he not playing basketball for the Golden Eagles?

Collins is clearly an athletic-freak (I mean that in the nicest way as humanly possible). According to several football websites, Collins played defensive back, defensive end and linebacker during his time with Southern Miss. Think about that for a single, solitary second. A, now 6’4″ 245-pound beast once played defensive back only to eventually transition into being a linemen, before finally setting in as an outside linebacker in a little thing we like to call the NFL.

Please, if you know of some more video of Collins showing of these sort of athletic feats, feel free to let us know. Heck, I am assuming someone has a library worth of “Collins doing something to some dude” in their living room.


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