West Virginia Mountaineers: Breaking Down Bob Huggins' Outfits

By Joseph Nardone
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason can be a long and lonesome process. Not everyday will be filled with news, information and facts pertaining to your favorite college basketball team. The good news, however, is the NCAA has decided to let teams practice 40 days earlier than they have in the past. Meaning, they do not care about the athletes and their college education all that much if they can make a few extra bucks off of them.

The bad news? Well, the West Virginia Mountaineers still don’t have a slew of new information out there for me to deliver to folks who love to set couches on fire.

Good thing the program is coached by Bob Huggins. The grizzly, veteran coach is kind of a folk hero to some of us. Huggins is a known personal-demon battler as well as the least sharped-dressed man in college sports. Never has a man consumed so much alcohol, but been able to wear tracksuits with such a general ease in the history of mankind.

The tracksuits Huggins wears does not really vary in style or awesomeness. Generally, because Huggins is big boned, the coach opts for dark colored clothing. I mean, it supposedly hides some of the extra weight a guy might carry around at the later stages of his belly’s lifespan. Tracksuits may be Huggins’ go-to style choice, but he has been known to rock tracksuits with short sleeves as well (normally, not humanly possible).

Through a humorous amount of research (Google), I have been able to find Huggins wearing a few suits. Yes, like an actual suit with some kind of clothing that is hanging around his neck area and drapes down to around his naval zone — or what ladies like to call, the point of no return. While this Huggins-look is rarely seen, it does indeed actually exist.

Huggins can seemingly pull off any look he wants — as long it is dark in color — and we love him for it. What is your favorite Huggins’ fashion statement? What would you like to see him try to wear in the future? Personally, it would be nice to see him give clogs, short-shorts and a weather-beaten polo a try.

Let us know what you would prefer our Uncle Bob the Slob (I mean that in the most lovingly way possible) to wear for the upcoming season.


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