Detroit Titans Were Very Close To Making Second Straight NCAA Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking about Detroit, not many people probably think about a college basketball team. However, the Detroit Titans came very close to making their second straight Elite Eight.

Detroit likely would have had to win the Horizon League to dance, but they had a great season regardless, finishing the year with an overall record of 20-13.

The Titans did not play in the conference championship game, but they were just two points and one game short of doing so. This is a team that challenged themselves in their out-of-conference schedule by playing Miami, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Those were just the most notable games in the non-conference schedule. A win in any of those games would have been nice, but Detroit could not pull off that feat.

Detroit has not earned that many pairs of dancing shoes in its history, but the most recent dance did come last year, where the Titans lost to Kansas.

The Horizon League is the type of conference where you either win the conference tournament or you are not going to be dancing. Valparaiso earned the auto bid out of this conference, but this was a team that Detroit split the season series with. Too bad the Titans couldn’t have made the championship game.

The Titans had to settle with an NIT bid, but it was still a very good season for them, despite losing its last two games of the season, which were actually the two biggest games of the year.

Who knows when Detroit will make the tourney again, but this has been a great team to watch the past couple of seasons.


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