Investigation of UW-Green Bay Coach Brian Wardle Nearing a Close

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days have passed since allegations came to light that revealed a possible madman may be the head coach of the UW-Green Bay Phoenix. Two players accused their coach, Brian Wardle, of all kinds of different atrocities.

Some of the allegations were, but not limited to, Wardle having a player run until he defecated himself, recommending a player who is very religious to have pre-marital sex and many other things were brought to light.

The Green Bay Press Gazette has been at the forefront of not only breaking the story, but continuing to be the people who are the first to release new information on college basketball’s ugliest offseason story. Now, the paper has reported that the investigation of Wardle is nearing a close and that the findings may be released at some point during this week.

The local attorney who is handling the investigation, Joseph Nicks, told the publication that not all of the scheduled interviews were done, but did say “close, but no.” Obviously Nicks would not talk about his current findings or about who he has already talked to.

Not all of the people coming out to talk about the coach is against Wardle. Several former players, assistants and now a woman’s coach have come out in support of him.

Again, all the accusations against Wardle have yet to be proven or proven false, so please refrain to rushing to any judgments. It only seems like it will be a few more days until we get some more clarity on the matter.

Of course, because the NCAA prefers to exclusively handle folks only going five miles over the speed limit, but not 100 (you know, avoid real, hard topics while wielding their brand of misguided justice), the governing body of college sports has been very silent regarding the story at hand.


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