Iowa State Cyclones: Can Fred Hoiberg "Mania" Have Lasting Power?

By Joseph Nardone
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the casual college basketball fans were busy complaining about the quality of hoops on any given night, the rest of us already knew of a team who played a style of the game we wished all others would incorporate.

For those of you who were unfortunate to miss it, only to be robbed of more of it by an “iffy” officiating call in the big dance, the Iowa State Cyclones were all kinds of fun.

This can be largely attributed to the talent on their roster, although even more of it had to do with Fred Hoiberg. The team played a fashion of hoops that Hoiberg must have envisioned in his brain before falling asleep at night. Up and down the court, 3-pointers being hurled towards the basket at awesomely-alarming rates and a general “they can beat anyone, but lose to anyone” type of feel to them.

All of that made them one of the best teams to watch in the entire nation last season. Which only leaves one question: is that kind of awesomeness something they can continue?

There is really only one possible thing keeping Hoiberg’s journey of gnarly hoops with Iowa State from happening forever (or until he croaks). Other universities all around the nation think of Hoiberg like a Wall Street guy thinks of a profitable stock — as a hot commodity. While Hoiberg has never even said anything to make you think he would leave his current program, it would not be unheard of for another school to throw ungodly sums of money at the man to lure him away.

Honestly though, no one expects Hoiberg to leave Iowa State. In fact, since this is really Hoiberg’s “home”, Iowa State is likely a dream job that he has already landed.

Players will come and go, investigations around the team will be had, but Hoiberg “Mania” will last forever. Well, at least I hope so.


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