Oklahoma State Coach Travis Ford Wants One Draft Deadline Date

By Joseph Nardone
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Players who are contemplating going to the NBA early only have a short time to do so. In fact, if their team makes a run in the big dance, well, a kid only has a couple of weeks before the “draft deadline” approaches and they have to make their intentions known. Oddly, the draft deadline has two separate dates, which only adds to the confusion of who is going, who is staying or when a player actually has to decide.

The confusion of the draft deadline does not only apply to players, but the coaches who helped them reach that level of awesomeness as well. Luckily for the coaches — and unlike the players — they can do something about it.

ESPN did a fancy-pants poll which asked a slew of coaches what they wanted to do with the draft deadline. Of the 21 college basketball coaches, every single last one of those involved wanted to abolish the way the deadline is currently constructed.

Of those 21, Oklahoma State Cowboys coach, Travis Ford, also voted to rid the world of multiple early entry deadlines.

The players — who are at the beck and call of NCAA and NBA rules — have very little they can do to help change the rule. However, all the coaches have to do is tell their athletic director, who will then relay the message to league commissioners — meaning the several-early-entry-deadline days look like they are near extinction.

Hopefully, though, whatever new rule they plan on putting in place also factors in the time in which players have to think about the biggest decision they will face in their young lives. It should go without saying, however, that student-athletes always seem to be an afterthought when it comes to things as trivial as their own future.


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