Florida State Seminoles, Others to Know of Andrew Wiggins' Decision "Soon"

By Joseph Nardone
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball has more than just a draft deadline, it also has a deadline in which recruits must make a final decision as to where they plan on attending college. May 15 is the day, and it is quickly approaching. However, that might not be the only reason Andrew Wiggins‘ decision will go public in a relatively timely fashion.

According to Wiggins’s host mother, Lesley Thomas, the superstar-to-be is tiring of the process and the announcement of his decision should come “in the next week or so.” Meaning, the saga is finally nearing an end and a slew of teams will be saddened while only one will be jumping for joy.

The Florida State Seminoles, Kansas JayhawksNorth Carolina Tar Heels and Kentucky Wildcats are everyone’s presumed final four contestants in the Wiggins’ sweepstakes. While other — not possibly biased — reports are out quoting his host mother as saying she wants him to go to another school that is off the board — which is the same as a fan saying they want him to go to his favorite school.

No one honestly knows which direction Wiggins is leaning towards as of this moment. With speculation running wild, emotions high and fan bases currently blinded by the potential of Wiggins coming to their school, you would swear the Beatles were in the area.

The whole “next week or so” quote that is making its rounds is a little funny. Not because it is inaccurate, but because it is unnecessary. Wiggins’ decision has to made by the 15th, which is only seven days a way — or what I like to call … a week.


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