Will Andrew Wiggins' Personality Ultimately Influence His Decision?

By Kris Hughes
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

While I may not have followed the Andrew Wiggins recruitment saga as closely as other similar high-profile prospects from recent years, what I have read suggests a common theme: a shy, almost passive personality combined with his unlimited talent and upside.

This is an interesting factor which is a little less tangible, but no less important in terms of the decision he is sure to make sooner than later between the North Carolina Tar Heels, Florida State Seminoles and Kentucky Wildcats. Depending on whom you choose to believe, it may actually be a two-horse race between North Carolina and Kentucky, with both being a reasonably good fit for very different reasons.

There’s two ways to look at Wiggins’ shy temperment in terms of how it could play a role in his final decision. Both North Carolina and Kentucky are high-profile teams that are constantly under the proverbial microscope, but to very different degrees. If Wiggins chooses to be a part of arguably the most hyped recruiting class in Kentucky history, he could potentially have the luxury of being just one of the guys — an equal among peers who may not command as much media attention as he would at another program, perhaps like North Carolina, where he would be the unquestioned star the second he laced up the sneakers, with the same being true with Florida State.

Then again the reverse could just as easily be true. If Wiggins does prove to be as talented as we all believe him to be, he could emerge from a talented pack in Lexington and become the focus of attention — a position he may not be all that naturally comfortable with, and in an extreme circumstance, which could affect his production on the court.

Now, obviously, surmising anything in terms of how Andrew Wiggins will make his transition from high school star to the college game is a prospective exercise, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless to consider how much of a role his personality will make in how he does fit wherever he chooses.

Intangibles like that sometimes play more of a behind-the-scenes role than most of us recognize. The transition to  college from high school isn’t just about having new freedoms, it’s about figuring out who you are on the biggest stage possible. Being successful doing so isn’t just about talent, it’s about chemistry.

Given this, where does Andrew Wiggins fit best?

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