Saint Mary's Gaels Appealing Some NCAA Sanctions

By Joseph Nardone
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA levied some sanctions against the Saint Mary’s Gaels on March 1, and now the Gaels are appealing some of the penalties put upon the program.

The sanctions prevent the Gaels from playing overseas, and banned Randy Bennett from recruiting off-campus as well as participating in in-season tournaments (anything that is considered a multiple team event). Bennett has also been handed a five-game suspension that begins at the start of the upcoming season.

While the sanctions might not seem other-worldly, they do have an impact as to what Saint Mary’s tries to do. The Gaels have had great success recruiting Australia, so not being able to play overseas may take away the spotlight it puts on the program in that area of the world. Not being to recruit off-campus, well, that obviously makes it much harder for Saint Mary’s to land recruits.

According to a San Jose Mercury News report, the Gaels are appealing two scholarships losses and a two-year ban on skill instruction. The NCAA is likely to respond or rule on the appeal within the next six months.

It is also expected that Bennett will file an appeal of his own at some point. Because the NCAA is so complicated, Bennett has to file an appeal separate to that of the school’s if he chooses to do so. It would not be surprising if he was looking to get the off-campus suspension taken away from him more so than the five-game suspension.

The NCAA has not released a statement pertaining to the matter as of print. However, do not be shocked to see a vague, diluted and possibly skewed release on the matter at some point during the week.


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