Did Newly Hired Rutgers Head Coach Eddie Jordan Not Graduate?

By Trevor Lowry
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan was hired on to change the image of Rutgers and to turn this basketball program around. However, Jordan did not graduate from Rutgers, according to Deadspin.

Although that may not seem like a big deal, every college basketball coach is supposed to have a degree. Not to mention, Mike Rice, who was fired amid public outcry and player abuse, has not exactly given the school the greatest of images.

To say that things are not looking good for Rutgers once again is a huge understatement. Who knows what will come out of all of this.

There is already way too much going on with this basketball program for something like this to happen. It’s not like the end of the world, but rules are rules and Jordan needs to have a degree to be a coach.

Deadspin actually asked Rutgers about Jordan and the registrar office told them that he did not graduate from Rutgers, according to the report. How a school doesn’t know that the coach that they hired did not even earn a degree from their school is beyond me, but this issue could get some buzz very fast, and a lot of it.

The Rutgers basketball program has already been through way too much.

Next time, maybe Rutgers should check if Jordan received a college degree, however, they are standing by Jordan and are saying that he did in fact graduate from the school, according to the Deadspin report.

Now, it is time to sit back and watch all of this drama unfold because there should be a lot of that, since we are talking about Rutgers here.

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