Seton Hall Pirates To Continue Playing Rutgers Scarlet Knights

By Trevor Lowry
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the shenanigans going around in the Big East Conference–like the conference pretty much splitting into two in the upcoming season–a great rivalry looked like it was going to be at stake. However, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Seton Hall Pirates have agreed to play each other for the next eight years, according to ESPN.

Although these two teams usually play each other twice a year, one time is better than none. This is clearly not the biggest rivalry in college basketball, but I am sure it is huge for both schools or else they would have not agreed to play each other for the next eight years in the first place.

Both Seton Hall and Rutgers were near the bottom of the standings in the Big East just this past season. However, Seton Hall had two more losses in conference play. Not to mention, the Pirates lost both games to the Scarlet Knights this past season.

Seton Hall needs a lot of work before it can even think about making the NCAA Tournament, but at least fans will get to see this New Jersey rivalry between these two schools.

The Pirates hold the all-time series lead, with a 35-29 record. They will look to extend that lead when these two teams meet one time next season.

Rivalry games are what really makes the college basketball regular season, so it is great that these two programs were able to work out a deal that will last so long.


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