Oklahoma Sooners Coach Lon Kruger Participates in Special Olympics

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We often focus on the negative side of sports. Not just the stuff regarding the lack of arc on a guy’s jumper or a player being an overall disappointment, but stories discussing arrests and coaches misbehaving. The likes of these also get plenty of pub on the mean streets of Twitter as well as the Internet as a whole.

If we are going to do that we should also make an effort to shine a light on a story when something swell happens. I mean for every horrible story out for us to read, there is some more that will help brighten the day. Which brings us to Oklahoma Sooners coach Lon Kruger.

Kruger participated in a Special Olympics opening ceremony at Oklahoma State University’s Gallagher-Iba Arena. It was the opening ceremony for this Summer’s Special Olympic games.

According to STWNewsPress, Kruger was not alone in making the ceremony a positive event. Other famous athletes and coaches like Danny Manning and Travis Ford were also there to help make the event that much more special.

The Sooners coach was there to present an award for volunteering. In fact, Kruger gave the 2013 Fankhauser Volunteer of the Year award to Joshua Nix — for all the extra hours Nix put in to help the Special Olympics. Mind you, Nix did all of it as a volunteer (thus the award).

Stories like this often go unnoticed because it is not flashy nor is it tantalizing. Regardless, it is good to know that people who have influence will still use it for a good cause if given a chance.


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