Andrew Wiggins May Announce Decision on Tuesday

By Anthony Lenahan
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Tuesday may finally be the day that all college basketball fans have been waiting for. Reports are that Andrew Wiggins may announce his decision on where he will be playing basketball next season on Tuesday. The key word here is “may”; this is not set in stone, it is just a high possibility.

North CarolinaKentuckyFlorida State, and Kansas are the final four schools remaining in the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes and cannot wait for him to finally make a decision.

The No. 1 recruit in the country is one of the most anticipated recruits in a long time. He is expected to be the next best thing since LeBron James and his career has to start somewhere, but where will it be.

Wiggins is a kid who doesn’t really like attention, but for some reason he has waited until the last second to announce where he will be going to school. He hasn’t given out any slight bit of information about where he is leaning.

His decision is one that will bring great relief to whatever school he chooses because he will make any school an immediate contender and a possible national title winner.

If he goes to Kentucky, they will be one of, if not, the greatest team to ever exist in college basketball and would just be an amazing team to watch play.

Regardless of where he goes, you are going to want to watch this kid play because he will be something special.

His college career begins when he makes the highly anticipated decision on what school he will attend and that could possibly come on Tuesday.

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