Mother's Day: Family Over Everything

By Anthony Lenahan
Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

On a special day like Mother’s Day, it is extremely important to remember all your mother has meant to you. No matter how big of a college basketball fan you are and how excited you are for next season because it is going to be a great one.

One important thing to remember is that you are only in the position you are now because of your family.

For Pete Kahler, the video analyst and editor for the national champion runner up, Michigan Wolverines, Mother’s Day means a lot more to him than anything else in the world.

No matter how hard he has worked to get to the position he is in now and how hard he Will continue to work to keep climbing up the ladder, he would trade it all to continue to have his mother in his life.

In the Spring of 2012, Kahler, on the job, received a phone call that no one wants to receive.  He had learned that Katie Kahler (his mother) had suffered a massive stroke.

She would need multiple brain surgeries in the upcoming days to remove an aneurysm that caused a blood clot.  The worst news of all was that the doctors were not sure if she would make it out alive or not.

Pete knew the whole time his mom would fight through all the adversity to make it out alive, and she did just that.  Her recovery was supported of course by her family and friends, but also by the Michigan basketball program.

Although she is from the state of Ohio, Katie has found a way to root for Ohio State’s arch rival, Michigan.  Katie became a huge Michigan fan, and when they made it to the Final Four in Atlanta, she wanted to be there.

When Pete saw his mom in the stands he got choked up. He just thought to himself how lucky he was for his mom to be alive and then realized that she was at the Final Four that he was a part of.

Some stories take sports to a whole new level, and this is one of them.  A kid who worked so hard to get to where he was has his mom almost pass away and then she fights to stay alive.  Her miraculous recovery was everything Pete wanted. While making the Final Four was big, to have his mom there after what had happened jumps right to the top.

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