Duke Blue Devils' Ryan Kelly Finished the Season On Disappointing Note

By Trevor Lowry
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Kelly may have been a very important player for the Duke Blue Devils in the 2012-13 college basketball season, but he finished the season on a disappointing note.

First off, when Kelly was in the lineup, Duke only lost two games on the year. The only problem is that those losses may have been the most important games on the season. The Blue Devils lost to Maryland to end their hopes of winning the ACC tournament and they lost to Louisville in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. So those two games were maybe just a little important.

When Kelly returned after missing a good chunk of games in the middle of the season, he was on fire. He scored 36 points in his first game back and then dropped 18 points in the very next contest.

However, in the last six games of his college hoops career, he did not score in double digits once. Although Kelly doesn’t always need to score to be effective, it definitely does not bode well with his draft stock to finish off the season on a bad note.

He averaged 12.9 points per game on the year, but just 6.3 points per game in the dance. Although his foot injury may have played a role in his production towards the end of the season, he still put up way less numbers regardless.

Hopefully, Kelly will have a full recovery and will be able to make an impact in the NBA. Speaking of which, hopefully Kelly gets drafted because he was great for the Blue Devils and is talented enough to at least go in the second round.


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