Andrew Wiggins Hype Gives Concern About Future of NCAAB

By Devin O'Barr
Final Four celebration
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Although the hype surrounding Andrew Wiggins and his decision to play for the Kansas Jayhawks is good publicity for him and the school, it shows that NCAAB is heading down a discouraging road. With the one-and-done rule still in full affect, players like Wiggins are slowly but surely turning the game of college basketball into a complete mockery.

In essence, the entire college basketball season is a NBA prep camp where top players like Wiggins attend schools simply to become a better professional prospect. I have nothing against the players involved the sport, however it’s the NCAA that is reeling in the money that guys like Jabari Parker and Wiggins create without understanding nor caring about what it does to the game that we all love.

There was a time when it was the team that was worth watching, but now the focus is solely on the players who are going to play one season at the university and bolt to the professional game. Honestly, Wiggins will not be a Jayhawk long enough to even know the school fight song, let alone entrench himself in the traditions that make collegiate sports so great.

Every year, bandwagons of players leaping from high school to a university are formed and as soon as the season is over, that once-top prospect is forgotten by the university entirely. Take a look at the insane amount of hype that Shabazz Muhammed enjoyed prior to joining the UCLA Bruins — after one season, Muhammed is NBA-bound and the Bruins didn’t even win a tournament game.

Wiggins is a great talent, but the focal point in college basketball is turning from the collegiate traditions to players that use and abuse the one-and-done rule.

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