Iowa Hawkeyes' Patrick Ingram To Transfer From Team

By Trevor Lowry


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa Hawkeyes’ Patrick Ingram will transfer from the team, according to ESPN.

Who could blame Ingram for wanting to transfer? He may have not been the biggest name on this team or anything close to it, but he did only average 5.8 minutes per game, which resulted in a whopping 0.9 points per game.

Ingram was not the best recruit coming in, but it seems like he still wanted to play more minutes.

Iowa actually had a decent year, finishing the season with a 25-13 record. The Hawkeyes may have not made the Big Dance, but they were still very close to doing so until the very end of the season.

Hopefully, Ingram can make a much bigger impact for whatever school he decides to play for. I would imagine that he would get more than 5.8 minutes per game as well.  However, wherever that may be is still yet to be seen, but there will be teams interested in him and he will definitely land somewhere or else he wouldn’t be transferring in the first place

Luckily for Iowa, a lot of talent is leaving the top dogs in this conference, but teams like Michigan and Michigan State will still be very good. It would be amazing if the Hawkeyes could compete for a Big 10 title next season, but some key pieces will be back and this team certainly has the talent to do so.

Whether the case, best of luck to Ingram and his new team and the Iowa Hawkeyes in college basketball next year.


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