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Duke Blue Devils Have To Find A Way To Replace Mason Plumlee

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Mason Plumlee is not going to be an easy player to replace for the Duke Blue Devils. How they will make up his production is beyond me, but it is not impossible.

Duke will have some of the best guards next season in the ACC, thanks to Rasheed Suliamon and Quinn Cook coming back for another year. Andre Dawkins will even be back after redshirting last season.

Rodney Hood will be joining the team as well. He is capable of playing at the guard position, but he does stand at 6’8”. He averaged 10.3 points per game and 4.8 rebounds per game in his freshman season with Mississippi State.

Jabari Parker will help with some of the rebounding load, since he is 6’8”. However, who is going to play center? Maybe Alex Murphy or Josh Hairston will get more playing time, but both of those players will still likely not be able to man the paint. Not to mention, both players barely even saw the court this past season.

Duke is probably relying heavily on Memphis tranfer Tarik Black to join the team. Black could easily start for the Blue Devils and he would be a very physical body out on the court. Even with him, I do not see who will be the center for this team or who will at least be capable of replacing Plumlee?

Maybe Marshall Plumlee will be able to take over for his brother, but that has yet to be seen. Still, that may be the most likely scenario.

Duke will definitely have plenty of talent, like always, but this team may struggle in the rebounding department and against bigger lineups. However, if the Blue Devils can land Black, Parker turns into a stud right off the bat and some of the other players on this team emerge, Duke may be just fine.

It is a long time until the season starts, so we will have a better idea on how Duke will replace Plumlee in the coming months.


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