Ramon Galloway Was Great For La Salle Explorers

By Trevor Lowry
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Ramon Galloway only played two seasons for the La Salle Explorers, but he was great in both of those seasons.

Once upon a time, Galloway played for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Galloway was actually pretty good for South Carolina in his sophomore year, but he could have still been used a little bit more, only playing 24.5 minutes per game on average.

For the Explorers, Galloway played 33.3 minutes per game in both seasons for the team. He averaged 14.1 points per game last season and 17.2 points per game this past season.

Galloway made 41.9 percent from the field this past season and was a beast from behind the arc, shooting 41.2 percent. His 94 threes on the year were huge and were a big reason why La Salle did so well this season. Speaking of which, the Explorers had 24 wins on the year and made the field of 68 for the NCAA tournament.

The team made a run to the Sweet 16, which was huge for this program.

With that said, Galloway will definitely be missed and it will be interesting to see how the team does without him. It will be hard for La Salle to duplicate last season, but there will be plenty of talented players returning to the team. Still, Galloway was huge for the Explorers and his numbers will be very hard to replicate next year.

It would be a very impressive feat if this team could dance again next season, considering that this year was the first time La Salle made the tourney since 1992. However, it will have to do it without Galloway.


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