At Least Seton Hall Pirates Didn't Finish Last In Big East This Season

By Trevor Lowry
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Seton Hall Pirates were not the best team in the Big East by any means in the 2012-13 college basketball season, but at least they did not finish in last place in the conference.

That honor goes to DePaul, who finished conference play with a 2-16 record. The Pirates, on the other hand, finished with a 3-15 record in the Big East. What a huge difference.

This was clearly not Seton Hall’s year, but when will it be? This is a team that has not made the Big Dance since 2006, and it is a team that does not get mentioned that much in the conference.

It always helps when you play easy opponents during non-conference play, which is exactly what the Pirates did. This helped pad the overall record, but it does not matter if a team cannot even come close to competing in conference play.

Sure, Seton Hall just barely missed out on the NCAA tournament last season, but it has to be tough to be a Pirates fan right now. It does not seem to be getting any better for this program either. Maybe it will be easier on this team with the Big East splitting up, but who knows? The bottom line is fans want to see their beloved team put on a pair of dancing shoes. Heck, even sandals would be great at this point.

So, although Seton Hall did not finish last in the conference, it might as well have. The bottom line is this program needs a serious makeover, whether that be better recruiting classes, a new coaching staff or whatever. This is a Big East team that has nothing big about it. Whatever the case, something has to give, and by that, I mean the Pirates need to start winning games, so they can make that one March Madness tournament thing at the end of the season.


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