Are Pittsburgh Panthers the Best Team Going Into the 2013 Legends Classic?

By Trevor Lowry
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Indiana, UCLA, Georgetown and Georgia made up the field for the Legends Classic. For the 2013-14 college basketball season, the Pittsburgh Panthers will likely be the best team entering this tournament.

The other three teams in the field will be Stanford, Houston and Texas Tech. No offense to any of these teams, but the Legends Classic was amazing last year. Although there still might be some great basketball being played–which is really all that matters–the matchups this season will not be that intriguing, at least compared to last year.

The season is still months away, but Pittsburgh will likely be everyone’s favorite to win this tourney. The Panthers finished last season with a 24-9 overall record and made the 2013 NCAA Tournament as a No. 8 seed. Although they were bounced out of their first game of the tourney, a tourney bid is usually a yearly thing for this school.

The same cannot be said about the other three teams in the Legends Classic field, though. Regardless, upsets tend to happen in college hoops, so who knows what will happen until these games are actually played. However, it is still a little disappointing that this tourney will not consist of the same talent that it had last year.

Regardless, this tournament would be a great confidence booster for Pittsburgh early in the season if it does happen to win it. It will be by far the best team in it entering, so now it is just up to the Panthers to go out there and play some good basketball.


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