Marcus Paige is One of Most Underrated Point Guards

By Anthony Lenahan
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

At the beginning of last season, Marcus Paige was just another starting freshman point guard for North Carolina. He was looked at as a senior and never got any slack for only being a freshman.

He got off to a terrible start and every single Carolina fan was just wondering who this kid was. Paige couldn’t do anything right whether it was scoring or passing or even playing defense.

Paige kept having games where he would have more turnovers than assists and shoot about 25% from the field. He would also get burnt every possession on the defensive end and opposing guards made him look like a Division 3 point guard.

Then all of sudden, things started to click for the young point guard and as he got better, so did his team. About three quarters of the way through the season, Paige looked like a veteran on the floor and a real good one.

His assist to turnover ratio completely flipped as he began having nine-assists and one-turnover games or eight-assists and only two-turnovers in a game instead of the opposite. These two stats flip-flopped are probably the best things to change as a struggling point guard.

Paige realized he couldn’t make the difficult pass at the next level. He started to make the right pass, the easy one, and he also realized he didn’t have to score every possession.

Teams started to sag off him a little and he started knocking down the outside shot at an extremely high rate and was able to attack the hoop and finish with a nice floater right over the taller player.

Clutch shot after clutch shot, Paige began to hit and all of a sudden it looks like the Tar Heels had something good.

Still, despite his outburst performances, he didn’t get that much recognition. But this season, no one is looking at him as a top player and he will surprise a lot of people quickly.

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