Illinois Fighting Illini’s Brandon Paul A Possible Steal In 2013 NBA Draft

By Trevor Lowry
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Paul had a solid senior year playing for the Illinois Fighting Illini. He may not be the best guard entering the 2013 NBA Draft, but he is definitely a good one, which is why he could be a steal in the second round.

Paul averaged 16.6 points per game, 4.4 rebounds per game and 2.7 assists per game in his final year in college basketball. On average, he saw the court a little less this season than he did in his junior year, but did manage to shoot the ball more, which is a big reason why he put up more points this season.

Not to mention, he took way more three-point shots, which resulted in 78 threes on the year and resulted in him shooting 32.5 percent from behind the arc. That percentage will need to get better, but it is easily something that Paul can work on at the next level.

Paul may only be 6’4’’, but he is a really good scorer and could do some damage in that department at the next level.

His draft stock may not be that high, but he does have a lot of potential, which is why Paul could easily be a steal in the draft.

However, being undersized, I cannot see him moving over to the point, since he did average just as many turnovers a game as assists this past season.

Still, Paul can put some numbers up on the board and he can definitely drain from behind the arc at the next level.


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