Washington Huskies' Martin Breunig Transferring to Montana Grizzlies

By Trevor Lowry


Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Huskies’ Martin Breunig will be transferring to Montana, according to NBCSports.com.

Although this is not the biggest news in college basketball over the offseason, it is still news and I am sure that Montana is excited about its new player.

However, it is hard to tell how Breunig will do for the team, since he has barely seen any playing time in his two seasons with Washington. As a freshman, he averaged six minutes per game and this past season, he played even less, at 5.6 minutes per game. He will have to sit out a year, though. When he is able to take the court, hopefully Breunig will be able to make an impact for Montana.

Breunig stands at 6’8”, which is always a pretty good size for college hoops.

Considering the little time that he played for the Huskies, this does not seem like Breunig transferring is that big of a loss for the team. However, it probably never feels good for a player to leave a program under any circumstance.

Hopefully, Breunig can make a much bigger impact playing for Montana, but it will be a long time before that can be seen. At the same time, that should not be a tough feat, since he did not even make one basket this past season and averaged 0.1 points per game. It is interesting to note that Breunig only played 175 minutes for Washington, which is pretty much barely any playing time. So, good for him for wanting to transfer to a different school, despite the fact that Montana is not as well known as Washington.


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