Can Miami Hurricanes' Shane Larkin Make It In the NBA?

By Trevor Lowry
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Although the NBA is a completely different animal than college basketball, Shane Larkin was great for the Miami Hurricanes and he could definitely make it at the next level.

Larkin only played two seasons with the team, but he only needed one to show NBA scouts that he could make a living off of playing basketball.

In this past season, Larkin put up 14.5 points per game, 4.6 assists per game and 3.8 rebounds per game. Although there are point guards that had better stats this season, Larkin was very important to his team and it is going to show next year when Miami no longer has him–among some other players.

Larkin may only stand at 5’11”, but he still managed to shoot 47.9 percent from the field and 40.6 percent from behind the arc, which resulted in 69 threes made. Other than the obvious fact that Larkin is undersized, he is a great field general and has the talent to play in the NBA. However, just like all college players going pro, it will take the right team for him to be successful.

Who knows if Larkin will be a starter right off of the bat or ever, but he will get drafted and he will likely get his shot to show the NBA what he has.

An ideal situation would be for Larkin to go to a team that needs a new point guard or a backup. Being a backup for a really good team would be perfect, so he could learn behind that player, which would likely be a pretty good field general. However, who is going to take Larkin? For that answer, we will have to wait just a little longer.


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