Can the Connecticut Huskies Compete For A National Title In 2013-14 College Basketball Season?

By Trevor Lowry
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Connecticut Huskies are allowed to make the NCAA tournament, they will likely do so in the 2013-14 college basketball season. However, is it possible for this team to compete for a national title?

The Huskies will be bringing back plenty of talent, including their two leading scorers from this past season. Shabazz Napier led the team with 17.1 points per game and Ryan Boatright was not too far behind with 15.4 points per game. These two players alone are talented enough to help win a conference title. However, the next two highest scorers on the team will be returning as well, so Connecticut will have its fair share of fire power.

Kevin Ollie has a full year under his belt and will only have to worry about bettering his team now. Ollie has some big shoes to fill, with Jim Calhoun being the previous coach of the team, but Ollie was pretty good in his first year. The Huskies did manage to finish with a 20-10 record and 10-8 record in a very good Big East Conference that will never be the same. Although the Huskies will still be playing some tough competition in the upcoming season, it will be nowhere near as tough as the Big East has been over the last couple of years. Still, there are not a lot of weak teams in the conference, which is the huge difference.

This team has the talent on offense to compete for a conference title and an NCAA tournament title. However, it is not a good rebounding team and being ranked 243rd in the nation in that department this past season is evident of that. Sure, Connecticut will have one of the best backcourts in college hoops, but it will have trouble against bigger lineups if the rebounding does not get better.

Connecticut should enter the season in the top 25 and it certainly has the talent to go far once the Big Dance actually starts–assuming that this team makes it.


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