Wisconsin Badgers' Jared Berggren Will Likely Not Get Drafted, But Can He Make NBA Team?

By Trevor Lowry
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The chances of Wisconsin Badgers’ Jared Berggren getting drafted are very slim, but can he make an NBA team still?

Berggren was part of a very good Wisconsin team that played mad defense. As a result, he grabbed 6.9 rebounds per game and recorded 2.1 blocks per game. He also scored 11 points per game, which was a little more than what he put up in his junior year.

The 47.1 percent from the field was better than last season, but he shot worse from behind the arc at just 25.3 percent. Just a season ago, Berggren shot 37.2 percent from deep range, so that likely does not bode well for making an NBA team.

Still, if a team is looking for a 6’10” forward/center that can play good defense and knock down threes from time to time, Berggren is their man. It is too bad that he could have not done more in his senior year to increase his draft stock, but he still had a great year and helped his Badgers make the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

In Berggren’s case, he did only play 28.5 minutes per game, so if he would have played over 30 minutes a game, he clearly would have put up bigger numbers. That would likely not change the way NBA scouts feel about Berggren, but his stats would have at least looked better on paper.

I think Berggren is easily good enough to make an NBA roster and time will tell if that will actually happen. However, a miracle would have to happen for him to get picked up in the 2013 NBA Draft.


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