A Look At Arizona Wildcats Solomon Hill's Draft Stock

By Trevor Lowry
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

There is no guarantee that Arizona Wildcats’ Solomon Hill will be picked up in the 2013 NBA Draft. Although that can be said about a lot of the players in this draft, especially the ones being projected to go in the second round, it definitely is true about the former Wildcat. With that said, let’s take a look at Hill’s draft stock.

Hill is being projected as a late second round pick. Although it seems like his name may be one of the last ones called in the draft–according to so many mock drafts–it seems like he will still at least get picked.

Hill stands at 6’7”, he scored 13.4 points per game, grabbed 5.3 rebounds per game and also shot the three-ball at 39 percent. His stats are very similar to his junior season, other than his rebounds dropping by more than two per game.

Still, he was one of the best players on a very talented Arizona team this past year and he is definitely good enough to get drafted. Even if he does not, he will likely get signed after the draft, however, that is probably not what he had in mind for himself.

Although Hill has been pretty solid for the Wildcats the past two seasons, his name might not be called come draft day. The mock drafts are saying that he will, but you never know until a player’s name is actually called.

Whether the case, Hill has a lot of talent and the the potential is there for him to succeed at the next level.


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