Can Texas A&M Aggies have Success in SEC Next Season?

By Taylor Sturm
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas A&M Aggies finished out the 2012-2013 season with a loss to the Missouri Tigers in the second round of the SEC tournament. Texas A&M will feel they deserved to go to the NIT, but they lost so many games to bad teams that it was only natural they were left out of the major college basketball tournaments.

They lost many of their games because they relied too heavily on Elston Turner and his scoring ability, but they also won many of their games because they relied on Turner and his scoring ability. Now that he has graduated and left the Aggies, the team can start building on success in the SEC instead of being a one-dimensional team surrounding Turner.

This offseason the Aggies haven’t created a stir with their recruiting, but their 2012 recruiting class was outstanding. J-Mychal Reese, Alex Caruso and Shawn Smith are all players that will make competing in the SEC much easier. Last year, their performances were overshadowed by the ridiculous numbers put up by Turner, but this year they will be able to be in the spotlight for their talent and ability. Reese, Caruso and Smith will all be players that stay in college until at least their junior seasons which will give the Aggies basketball program a solid base of talent to build on in the future.

Texas A&M is a team that is on the rise in the SEC, but they are still a season or two away from being capable of making it to the NCAA tournament. Expect the Aggies to improve next season, win a few games in the SEC tournament, and end the year as a high seed in the NIT.

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