Will Oklahoma Sooners Repeat Success In 2013-14 College Basketball Season?

By Trevor Lowry
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners made the 2013 NCAA Tournament, but can they repeat that success in the 2013-14 college basketball season?

This is a team that finished only three games back in the Big 12 standings, despite only receiving a No. 10 seed in the Big Dance. Still, the Sooners were able to beat Oklahoma State and Kansas on the year. Oklahoma may have lost in its first game of the tourney, but it still had a successful season.

However, repeating this same success in the upcoming season is going to be a tough feat. The three leading scorers on the Sooners will no longer be on the team, so someone is going to have to step up.

The recruiting class consists of two-3 stars and a bunch of JUCO players, so the incoming players could very easily make an instant impact, although I highly doubt all of them will. There were some freshmen that made an impact this past season and maybe one or more of them could be even better next year.

Whether the case, Oklahoma is going to be in rebuilding mode and hopefully it does not take the Sooners too long to put together a tournament team. Like I said before, there will be some JUCO players joining the team, so maybe one of those players will make an instant impact, which I imagine at least one of them will.

It’s really hard to say how Oklahoma will fair, but it does not help that Oklahoma State will be stacked and Kansas has added Andrew Wiggins and Tarik Black.


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