Northwestern Wildcats To Play North Carolina State Wolfpack In Big Ten/ACC Challenge

By Trevor Lowry
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten/ACC Challenge will be great in the 2013-14 college basketball season–like usual. One of the lesser known matchups will be played between the Northwestern Wildcats and the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

Although this matchup is not all that intriguing, it is still a game that will help decide the winner of the challenge.

Unfortunately for both teams, they will likely be near the bottom of their conference standings. Drew Crawford will be returning to Northwestern, but he may not even be good enough to help this team compete in the Big Ten. There will also be a new coach on the sidelines and it will be interesting to see how Chris Collins will fare in his first season.

If this matchup took place this past season, Northwestern would have likely been blown out. However, the Wolfpack will look much different in the upcoming season, so really either team could win.

Northwestern lost last season to the Maryland Terrapins in the challenge.

Although the ACC could very well enter the season as the best conference in college hoops, the Big Ten will not be too far behind it. Both conferences will have good enough teams to compete for a national title.

Whether if that will actually be the case or not, this matchup may seem like a pointless one, but it brings bragging rights to the winner and could play a role in who wins the 2013 Big Ten/ACC Challenge. If Crawford can have a big enough game, the Wildcats very well could win this contest.


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