The New Look ACC Will Have a Major Impact on Television

By Anthony Lenahan
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse will join up with the triangle three and the other ACC schools this season as the ACC is looking to become one of the best conferences in history. With the three new schools joining the ACC, there is no reason why it can’t have the best season in its history as a conference.

With all of the hype of how good the conference will be and with all of the marquee match-ups that will be created with these three prolific schools now in the mix, everyone is going to want to watch every ACC game they can. With that being said, the new ACC will have a major impact on television and could possibly have college basketball ratings near college football ratings, which is normally unheard of.

ESPN’s senior vice president of sports programming Burke Magnus thinks just that. Magnus feels that this new look conference will be able to “reshape what’s possible in college basketball” from a fans perspective. Personally, I feel college basketball is more entertaining than college football and with the new look ACC, it will only get better, but the numbers never lie and obviously not everyone agrees with me.

Magnus also said that the ACC will now take up the early slot games on ESPN’s featured Big Monday set of games that the Big 12 normally controls.  The more games this conference has on television, the more the ratings will go up and that is exactly what ESPN is trying to accomplish.

Football in general is the sport everyone loves to watch and it is the sport that really drives the enterprise, but college basketball has the advantage when it comes to season length.  It goes on from November to March and if you get hooked on it early, you will watch the whole season and that is what the ACC has a chance to do to fans.

The ACC ratings will definitely improve, but if everyone in the conference plays up to their potential, it could mean big things for college basketball as a whole.

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