Louisville Cardinals Guard Kevin Ware Inspires Us Once Again After Visting 14-Year-Old Car Accident Victim

By Dan Parzych
Kevin Ware
(Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports)

In March, Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware was the unfortunate victim of one of the most gruesome sports injuries ever witnessed after he suffered a compound fracture of the right tibia as his bone snapped in a way that no individual should ever have to experience. However, despite the brutal injury, Ware became an inspiration to fans with his positive attitude as he displayed some of the most incredible encouragement ever seen by an athlete and seemed to care more about his Cardinals teammates defeating the Duke Blue Devils than his actual injury.

If there’s anything to take away from what happened with Ware’s injury, it would be that no matter how tough things may seem–there’s always a way to bounce back. Ware has done an amazing job with staying positive during his recovery process and he does his best to spread that energy to each individual he comes across–which is what he did recently for a 14-year-old girl that was involved in a horrible car accident.


This is a photo of Ware visiting Brionna Boel in the hospital after finding out through social media that the 14-year-old had been struck by a vehicle in Louisville on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the accident left Brionna  with a fractured skull, two broken wrists, and snapped bones in one of her legs–which gives you chills just thinking about.

The fact that Ware didn’t even know Brionna and was willing to take some time out of his day to go visit her shows what type of individual he really is as he once again uses his kind actions to inspire us all. There’s plenty to take away from this kind of story, but nothing will hit you more than the “Pinky Promise. You will be fine.” message left by Ware on Brionna’s cast.

From all of us at Rant, we wish you the best of luck during your recovery process Brionna and you are in our prayers.

Thanks to our friends at USA Today for the tip on the story.

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