Many Teams Will Be Ahead of Ole Miss Rebels In SEC Entering 2013-14 College Basketball Season

By Trevor Lowry
Ole Miss Rebels
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss Rebels won the SEC tournament this past season, but it would take a miracle for them to do the same thing in the 2013-14 college basketball season. There will be many teams predicted to finish ahead of Ole Miss in the conference entering the season, to say the least.

Kentucky and Florida will be at the top of the conference and then Alabama, Tennessee, LSU and Missouri will all likely be ahead of the Rebels.

Sure, the Rebels did finish tied for No. 2 in the standings this past season, but don’t expect the same thing to happen in the upcoming one, especially with Murphy Holloway no longer on the team. There is a chance that Ole Miss could finish in the top five of the standings, but I do not think it will take the conference by storm or anything like that.

Marshall Henderson will be returning, which is huge for the team, but the Rebels will not be loaded with talent.

You never know though. Maybe this team will enter conference play with only two losses once again. For that to happen, Henderson will have to be even better and other players will have to emerge on the team.

The SEC may not be as highly rated as conferences such as the Big Ten or Big East–at least the old one–but there is still plenty of talent in the conference and there very well could be at least five teams that dance in the SEC. If Ole Miss wants to be one of those teams, it will likely have to finish in the top five in the standings, which is pretty much the case with every team in this conference.

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