Will DePaul Blue Demons Finish In Last Place In Big East Again?

By Trevor Lowry
DePaul Blue Demons
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Big East will look much different in the 2013-14 college basketball season, it will still be a very challenging conference that will consist of many NCAA tournament teams. However, will the DePaul Blue Demons finish in last place in the Big East once again?

Sorry, DePaul fans, but there is a good chance that your team will once again do this.

The Blue Demons are coming off of a season where they only won two games in conference play and 11 overall. Who knows if the team will be any better in the upcoming season, but they will still likely be the worst team in the conference.

Seton Hall and Providence may not bee too far behind, which was the case last season as well. Both of those teams finished with three wins in the Big East. The other seven teams in the conference will be pretty solid. With that said, easy wins will not exist, unless if a team is playing Seton Hall, Providence or DePaul that is.

This team needs a serious makeover and I do not think that can happen in one year. However, some good players will be returning, so that is always a plus. While the top seven teams in the conference will be battling it out for a conference title, the bottom three will be trying to not finish in last place. Unfortunately, that team may be the Blue Demons once again, but you never know, miracles do happen everyday. Maybe a huge miracle will happen over the course of a season for DePaul.

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