Roy Williams Still Not Sure What to Do With P.J. Hairston

By Anthony Lenahan
p.j. hairston
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The details about P.J. Hairston’s arrest earlier this month doesn’t really create that great of a picture for everyone to understand, but the two details that are definite and most important is that the police discovered drugs in Hairston’s vehicle and a gun was found at the scene.

No one is definitively sure whether or not the gun was thrown out of Hairston’s car or not, or who it belonged to, but that question has been brought up as to if it was thrown out of Hairston’s vehicle at the time it was stopped.

This whole incident came after the North Carolina guard had announced he was going to return to Chapel Hill to play another year for the Tar Heels. Now the question is, how much of that season will he end up playing?

This questions arises because Coach Roy Williams has to punish Hairston in some form for his arrest. Williams has come out and said he doesn’t know how he will do it, but he does have some ideas and that his decision will come after all the details are released from the incident.

You can’t punish Hairston until all the facts are out and that is why Williams is waiting, but it is clear that he will be punishing Hairston in some form after it didn’t seem like he was going to the morning after the arrest.

The gun being found has been a major turning point in Coach Williams’ decision, but the fact of the matter is Hairston is a college kid and needs to learn from his mistakes and needs to be punished.

He isn’t getting paid to play basketball and as much as all of Carolina would want him on the court in the beginning of the season, that wouldn’t make Hairston a better person in the future.

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