How Can Kansas State Wildcats Bounce Back After Losing Two Best Players?

By Trevor Lowry
Bruce Weber
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats will be losing their two best players for the 2013-14 college basketball season. So, how do they bounce back from these losses?

Angel Rodriguez transferred to Miami and Rodney McGruder did that whole graduating thing.

The easiest fix is doing it John Calipari style. You know, just recruiting even better players than the ones you already have. That is great and all, but that is not looking like it will be the case for K State. Not saying that the incoming freshmen will be bad or anything like that, but there are no 5-star recruits in the mix and no one that really jumps off of the page when talking about instant impacts. You never know though.

Another thing the Wildcats can do, is have coach Bruce Weber do what he is being paid to do. That is coach his team. Weber is a great coach and there will still be some talent left on the Wildcats. Weber needs to get the most out of his guys. It would help if a couple of players stepped up their game a lot.

Kansas State will still have plenty of players that contributed quite a bit last season, however, there will need to be a new go-to guy and someone is going to have to be the new field general.

The Wildcats have a great basketball program and a solid coach, who did wonders for the team last year. The top of the Big 12 standings will consist of two very good teams, but that does not mean that Kansas State is incapable of making the NCAA tournament or anything like that.

With that said, it will not be easy for this team, but Weber was hired for a reason and now it is time to see him in action.

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