Kyle Wiltjer Possibly Leaving the Kentucky Wildcats Is Good And Bad For the Program

By Trevor Lowry
Kentucky Wildcats
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Whether if Kyle Wiltjer decides to stay with the Kentucky Wildcats or not, this is a good and bad thing for the program.

The Wildcats will be loaded with talent in the 2013-14 college basketball season. How John Calipari was going to play everyone in the upcoming season is beyond me, but now he has one less player to worry about–assuming Wiltjer does transfer. The best part is the fact that Kentucky is still being considering as a national championship team and its preseason ranking probably will not take a hit.

Now for the bad. Wiltjer would have been one of the leaders on this team, which is something that the Wildcats apparently were lacking this past season. Last year’s NIT team proved that a team can’t bring in all freshmen and expect to succeed. That was not going to be the case in the 2013-14 season, thanks to two sophomores returning and Wiltjer coming back. His leadership on and off the court will be missed.

It also can’t look too appealing for future recruits with all of these players transferring out of Kentucky. Calipari always has stacked recruiting classes that are supposed to be one-and-done. So, if players don’t meet expectations and have to stay another year in college, there is a chance that they will no longer have a place on the team.

This is clearly not always the case, but Ryan Harrow would have likely lost some playing time in the upcoming season if he stayed with Kentucky.

In the grand scheme of things, Kentucky is going to be just fine as a basketball program, but who knows what will become of the players that have to transfer out of the school because they did not meet expectations in one season.

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