What If Connecticut Huskies Don't Get Better In 2013-14 College Basketball Season?

By Trevor Lowry
Kevin Ollie
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Connecticut Huskies had a brand new coach this past season and they were not allowed to make the 2013 NCAA Tournament. They could have had 30 wins and it wouldn’t have mattered. Coming off of a 20-win season, what if the Huskies don’t get any better?

If the Huskies did not have a ban, would last year’s 20-win season have been enough to push them into the dance? Would it be enough for them to make the 2014 NCAA Tournament?

Whether the case, Connecticut definitely would have been on the bubble last season and they will be on the bubble in the upcoming one if it only has 20 wins.

The team really is not changing whatsoever, other than it having more experience. It does help that Kevin Ollie has a full year under his belt, though with Connecticut. Not to mention, not many people knew what to expect from this team.

Sure, the team will actually have something to play for in the upcoming season, so that alone could help generate more victories, but there is no guarantee that the Huskies will be better.

With that said, the Huskies are bringing back plenty of talent and will be one of the best teams in the American Athletic Conference entering the season. They will be good enough to compete with Louisville for a conference title, but it has not happened yet.

Connecticut was not the best team in the Big East last season, however, it was not a bad one.

I expect that the Huskies will have a great basketball team in the upcoming season, but if that does not happen, how much heat will Ollie take? Will Connecticut still be considered a powerhouse in college hoops? Both are valid questions, but hopefully this team meets expectations so it will not have to worry about all of that.

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