Butler Bulldogs Take A Hit With Brad Stevens Going To Boston Celtics

By Trevor Lowry

Just like most talented players in college basketball nowadays, Butler Bulldogs head coach Brad Stevens is taking his talents to the NBA. Although this is great for Stevens and hopefully he can succeed with the Boston Celtics, the Bulldogs will be taking a huge hit with this move.

Butler has had plenty of great players over the years, including some that have gone on to play in the NBA. However, who knows where this program would be today if Stevens never became the head coach. If I had to take a stab at it, I would say that the Bulldogs would still be considered a mid-major and they would definitely not be joining the Big East in the 2013-14 college basketball season.

That may be a little harsh and may sound like I am discrediting the players a bit, but I am just trying to show how important Stevens was to the team.

He recruited well and put together great basketball teams. I mean, Butler did make back-to-back national championships and all. Which other mid-major team has done that as of late? Heck, there has only been so many teams in general in college hoops who have pulled off that feat.

Butler is still going to have some talent in the upcoming season and could still compete in conference play, but who knows how it will finish the year.

Stevens was an amazing college hoops coach and Butler will surely miss him. The Bulldogs have been a very great program over the last few years, so I am sure that the school will have no problem replacing Stevens.

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