Digger Phelps Triumphs Over Cancer Again

By Anthony Lenahan
Digger Phelps
Phil Sears-USA Today Sports

Three months after college basketball commentator, Digger Phelps had announced he was battling bladder cancer, he has been declared cancer free.

Phelps, who was a coach at the University of Notre Dame and is now a college basketball commentator, had gone through intensive treatment for six weeks and that treatment paid off as he is now cancer-free.

The 72 year old is one who is immune to losing no matter if it is beating cancer or the other team on the court.  While coaching at Notre Dame, he recorded 393 wins which is still a program record for the Irish.  The more important news is that he has now beaten cancer twice.

Over three years ago, Phelps had another battle with cancer; that time it was prostate cancer.  He beat prostate cancer with the help of successful surgery.

Phelps is about to turn 73 as his birthday is near, and being declared cancer-free is probably the best present he could have asked for.

Although he has been announced cancer-free, Phelps will still need to undergo more Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) treatments for his bladder and he will also have checkups every three months for the next two years.

Cancer is obviously a terrible thing that a lot of people unfortunately suffer from. Some lose their lives because of so it is  heart-warming to hear a story of someone who beats cancer.

Digger Phelps now has two of those stories as he has been announced cancer-free for the second time in his life and the iconic college basketball coach/commentator deserves it.

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