California Golden Bears Could Be A Surprise Team, But On One Condition

By Trevor Lowry
California Golden Bears
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears finished one game back in the Pac-12 standings this past season. However, losing their best player does not bode well for the team. Still, California could be a surprise team in the 2013-14 college basketball season, but on one condition.

That condition is if incoming freshman Jabari Bird meets expectations. I would imagine he would be a starter since he is rated so high, but I am not the head coach and I do not get to make those decisions.

With that said, Bird will have to replace Allen Crabbe, who put up 18.4 points per game last season.

It will help if Justin Cobbs can rise to the occasion and score more than 15.1 points per game. He certainly has the talent to do so.

It will also help if Arizona, UCLA and Colorado are not as good as everyone says they will be, but Cal cannot count on that one. What it all boils down to is the impact that Bird will have on the team. Hopefully for the Golden Bears’ sake, it is a big one.

The Pac-12 is on the rise once again after being a very mediocre conference a season ago. It helps that UCLA and Arizona are getting a lot of recognition.

One player does not make a team and you could say that about Crabbe leaving or Bird joining. Cal definitely still has enough talent to compete, and depending on how you take that last statement, Bird should be looked at as a great addition to the team. He will play a big part in how California does on the season.

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