Roy Williams, North Carolina Remain Quiet on Case, Potential Punishment For P.J. Hairston

By Paul Seaver
Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

As the details slowly emerge surrounding the legal issues and potential case against North Carolina Tar Heels guard P.J. Hairston, the school has made the decision to remain quiet. Most notably in this regard is head coach Roy Williams, who has simply stated that he will not touch upon the situation or discuss any potential punishment for Hairston until the legal process irons itself out.

Williams is smart in that light not to jump to conclusions or punish Hairston upfront, simply because he needs him in his back court next season. Williams should wait and see what the end result is in the case and charges before announcing a punishment. The same would apply from a school perspective. The NCAA however, can choose to step in at any time, but they too have remained quiet and have not acted in this case whatsoever.

It’s interesting, but at this point, the legal procedure is just taking its course as more and more details emerge. Hairston was stopped in early May for speeding and then again in June in which he was also cited for driving without a license and marijuana possession. A gun was also found outside the car, but neither Hairston nor the two accomplices that he was with say its there’s. It’s a messy situation, so Williams is smart to let things run its course.

Regardless, this is a bad spot for Hairston to be in, especially considering he opted to turn down the NBA Draft for another year in a Tar Heels’ uniform. Hairston is a passionate player and an improving one to boot at UNC — this would be a damaging loss, whether Williams eventually chooses to suspend or dismiss him, but then again, let’s not jump to conclusions which is exactly why Williams and North Carolina are being patient.


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