Ole Miss' Marshall Henderson: Schools He May Choose to Transfer To

By Anthony Lenahan
Marshall Henderson
Dan McPeak-USA Today Sports

Ole Miss‘ Marshall Henderson has reportedly been suspended by the school indefinitely due to multiple failed drug tests. This may not be a surprise for everyone who follows Henderson and college basketball, but it has hurt if you are an Ole Miss fan.

This is going to hurt the Rebels greatly as he scored 20 points a game for them last season and carried them to the NCAA tournament. It would hurt them even more if Henderson decided to transfer, which is highly unlikely.

If he were to transfer, there are four schools that will fit Henderson perfectly. Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado, and Colorado State are all big schools that have decent basketball programs that would be more than happy to add Henderson to their lineup. We all know Henderson loves a big environment and a large crowd in which he can receive a lot of attention, and all of those schools provide except for maybe Colorado State.

That said. those four schools also have one more thing that fits Henderson perfectly, being all located in states that have legalized marijuana. In the grand scheme of things, it would all work out perfectly for Henderson, but …

Alright, Henderson is not going to transfer because he is getting suspended and he will now be hated by opposing crowds even more, which will allow him to have crazier antics and more fun on the court. And even if he did transfer to one of those four schools, he would still get drug tested and fail because it is an NCAA rule.

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