Ole Miss Reportedly Reached Out to Chris Herren to Help Marshall Henderson

By Paul Seaver
Joshua Lindsey-USA Today Sports

The story of Marshall Henderson hit another unfortunate bump in the road on Wednesday afternoon when the Ole Miss Rebels and head coach Andy Kennedy announced that their superstar play maker had been suspended indefinitely. The reasoning behind the suspension was reportedly because of multiple failed drug tests, which may not come as the biggest of surprises to those who known Henderson and his story.

Well, according to ESPN‘s Andy Katz, Ole Miss tried in the past to help Henderson and about six weeks ago they placed a phone call to Chris Herren — a figurehead and motivator for those who have been affected by drug use. Herren saw his own basketball career, which actually reached the NBA level, basically come to a conclusion because of drugs. Now, Herren is clean and he travels the country to speak to young athletes and coaches about the dangers of using drugs. With that being said, it’s obvious why Ole Miss wanted to at least attempt to contact Herren about helping out Henderson.

According to Katz however, Herren reached out to Henderson, calling him and leaving a message, but Henderson never returned the call. This of course was six weeks ago and now we know the extent of what Henderson has been doing this off-season.

It’s a sad story, but if anyone can help Henderson out, Herren would be the perfect example.

It’s a shame and another sad twist that Henderson has now found himself suspended and his basketball career once again on the ropes due to drugs. Only time will tell if Henderson will return to the court at Ole Miss, so surely this saga will continue in the coming months.


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