Could Kelly Olynyk Be What Adam Morrison Never Was?

By tylerschwab
Kelley L. Cox-USA Today Sports

Despite looking like members of Pink Floyd, Kelly Olynyk and Adam Morrison have been the highest profiled Bulldogs entering the NBA in recent memory. Each has helped the Gonzaga program get national recognition as one of the top teams in the country.

Morrison, the third pick in the 2006 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats, was projected to have a long, successful career in the league. That didn’t happen to say the least. His stint in the association only lasted 161 games, and he averaged a mere 7.5 points per game. He tried to make a comeback last summer with the Los Angeles Clippers but he was unable to impress anyone enough.

Olynyk was taken 13th overall by the Dallas Mavericks but was quickly traded to the Boston Celtics in this year’s NBA Draft. The skilled seven-foot Canadian averaged 18 points per game while grabbing 7.8 rebounds per game in five games last week in the Orlando Summer League. He was arguably the best player out of anyone over the course of the week.

Olynyk’s upside is huge. It was proven last season when he led Gonzaga to their first No. 1 seed in school history in the NCAA Tournament. After redshirting the 2011-12 season, Olynyk surprised the country and was a member of the 2013 All-America team for his outstanding season.

With the Celtics in “rebuilding mode,” they should look to get experience for their young prospects this upcoming season. That is good news for Olynyk, as he seeks to be one of the best players of this draft class. The good news is he has all of Canada, as well as Spokane, supporting him.

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